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To be globally known as an exceptionally effective school that produces responsible citizens with very high levels of student achievement and also train the next generation of Leaders.

Get an overview of the admission process into the academic programmes currently available at FASTRACK INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE.


FasTrack International College, FIC  is part of FasTrack International group of schools which offers Kindergarten, Nursery, Primary, Junior & Senior High Co-educational services. FIC shall be starting with a day co-education secondary school facility in the heart of Festac town. Our plan is to proceed to establish a full boarding co-educational school with world class state of the art infrastructure and learning aids within the next 3 years.

FIC, Festac will have 2 arms of classes of a maximum of 20 students per class. In our usual tradition of offering personalized service to our student, we shall be a small sized school where students and teachers know each other on full name basis. At FIC, our children are not just taught to pass examinations but rather to top them.

At  FasTrack College, we will provide you the education and skills you need, but you must take the first step and contact us today!



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